Ron Paul Institute: Charlie Hebdo killings were a false flag operation

Fellowship of the Minds

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity was founded by its namesake, former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who also serves as its chairman.

Yesterday, the Ron Paul Institute reprinted (with the author’s permission) the essay below by Paul Craig Roberts, which asserts that the Charlie Hebdo shootings were a false flag operation. (For a definition of “false flag,” go here.)

We are told that on Jan. 7, 2015, three Muslim terrorists shot to death 12 editor, writers and cartoonists of the satirical left-wing Charlie Hebdo weekly magazine in Paris, France, because they were upset with cartoons lampooning Islam and its prophet Mohammad. Three days later, two of the terrorists had a shootout with police in a street several blocks from the magazine’s office. After killing three police officers, the two assailants themselves were killed. The third turned himself in.

In reprinting Roberts’ essay without any qualifier or commentary, the…

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